Our Tenanted pubs reflect their surroundings, whether they are in the town centre, a residential neighbourhood, or a small village.   

Taking one of our tenancies gives you the freedom to show your entrepreneurial flair. We recognise the importance of partnerships and ensure our support is the best around to help your business become a success.  

What’s involved?

  • You are self-employed and the pub is your business to make a success of
  • The partnership ranges from two to five years
  • Negotiable, partially tied agreements on Wines, Spirits and Minerals
  • An industry-leading range of Beer, Cider, Real Ales, Wines, Spirits and Minerals
  • Your drinks and snacks arrive on a single delivery every week 
  • We share machine income profit
  • We support you with business development – frequently and expertly
  • Training support including Flow online training courses

A Tenanted partnership ensures that it’s your business and that you have an agreement in place that works financially for both of us.  

For the first three to six months, you will have a flexible Tenancy-at-Will agreement, allowing you to make sure you are happy that the business is right for you, and delivering a profit before signing a substantive agreement. We want you to succeed and are here to help and support you all the way.

Run a Pub