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Why choose a pub partnership?

The Great British pub is an institution, a tradition renowned all over the world. It can also provide a low entry cost business opportunity for energetic individuals focused on customer service and developing a great proposition.

Here at Hawthorn we’ve witnessed the market evolve over the last two decades and learnt to think differently, be brave, try new things and focus on the partnership between the very people running the pubs – you – and the company supporting business growth – us.

Setting up a new pub company has been an exciting journey and it’s our pleasure to extend a hand of partnership to like-minded individuals who want to join our team.


INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PARTNER – tenancy agreement (typically 5 years)

Taking one of our hundreds of independent UK tenancies, gives you the freedom to run wild with your entrepreneurial skills, from a diverse selection of pubs, in a variety of settings! It’s your business and your aspirations but as part of our team, we make sure it’s a partnership that works financially for both of us.

  1. You are your own boss running your own business
  2. You rent the pub from us – pubs we invest in
  3. You agree what drinks you want to buy from us, we offer you discount
  4. We share machine income profit
  5. You fund cashflow and stock
  6. You buy fixtures and fittings from us
  7. We support you with business development – frequently and expertly
  8. 5 year agreement with 6 months notice to leave


Talk about the best of both managed and tenanted worlds! We have lots of individual pubs AND branded pubs available on our unique operator agreement.

You get all the support of a ‘managed’ house, and either the freedom of being self-employed or occasionally we will agree that you will be fully employed.

We put the retail propositions in place and pay the bills. You earn a percentage of the sales and pay staff so you benefit from the hard effort of growing sales. Occasionally we take on the staff, what we call ‘fully managed’ where this is a better fit for us both.

We are looking for committed, enthusiastic, people-orientated individuals to be our operator agreement partners!

  1. Extensive training through the industry’s number 1 training company
  2. Invested pubs with great retail propositions in place
  3. BDM support round the clock – with frequent visits and lots of sound advice
  4. Free marketing and PR support
  5. All the operating bills paid for you
  6. Staff are employed and paid by you – giving you full autonomy over them
  7. You are your own boss earning a % of sales – a great incentive to drive business
  8. Minimal ingoings - £3,500 fully refundable bond and cash float – that’s it
  9. 5 year agreement with 6 months notice to leave


We have a small selection of fully managed houses with high turnover. These are great for professional, committed managers who thrive on delivering against a set of targets, where we retain full control of the offer, marketing, pricing and costs. We offer great salaries and incentive schemes to help grow profit.

  1. You get a fixed salary with great bonus incentives
  2. We control costs and the retail offer
  3. You are incentivised to grow sales
  4. Dedicated Managed House area manager
  5. Opportunities across England and Scotland


To progress any agreement you need to complete an application form and a bona fide business plan.

Fees for partner accountant services are agreed directly with you. Alternatively, you may choose to use a suitably qualified accountant of your own choice.

Tenancy and Lease
Business Plan


There are 2 types of agreement in our managed estate:

1. Operator agreement

2. Employed manager – where we look after the format and all of the costs, and you thrive delivering against a set of objectives

We want our employed manager pubs to be the best that they can be, so if this is for you apply now.

Managed Application Form


This is the self employed operator where you employ the staff and earn a percentage of turnover whilst we pay the rest of the bills.

We will discuss ‘fully managed’ agreements on an individual basis.

Managed Operator Agreement


To help you to find a pub which may be of interest we have divided the country into sectors. Please use these links to see the pubs currently available in each sector. The lists are dynamic and will change.

Alternatively, you may use our search engine to find a pub by a specific location


You can work entirely for yourself
– for us – or half way between the two
Our partnerships are
about win:win deals
350 suppliers – you
need it? No problem
Business Development Managers – more per
pub than anywhere else
Great pub

UK wide

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