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We are dynamic with an eclectic mix of pubs

From traditional to contemporary, community or town centre, we now operate over 600 leased, tenanted and managed pubs across England, Scotland and Wales. Since 2014, we have invested £13.5 million into our estate to develop our proposition and help our Partners to run successful businesses.

We currently have a raft of opportunities for passionate and ambitious individuals looking to take on a new challenge, whilst knowing you have the support and back up of an experienced and knowledgeable team behind you.

We understand that everyone is different when it comes to the preferred way of a running a pub so we have a number of partnerships in place that ensure you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Take a look at our current opportunities below:


Our Operator Managed Pubs are true community pubs, where conversation flows as freely as the beer. Whether it’s a few rounds with friends, live music, or a sporting event, there’s always something to draw the community in.

Our goal is to create the liveliest, friendliest pubs in the town, where competitively priced drinks and combination deals are the norm, so it’s only fair that we have an offer that helps you achieve this; we take the hassle out of negotiating, buying, marketing and promoting the brand.

We’re continuing our investment to expand Operator Managed Pubs and are on the lookout for those with a passion for the local community.

We genuinely care about helping our Partners achieve the best results possible and have played a big part in ensuring each pub is now embedded within the local community.



We pride ourselves in our unique pub offering – no two are the same. Whether it’s a country cottage inn, an Edwardian pub or something a little more modern, we have a pub to suit all tastes; over 550 of them across leased and tenanted estates in fact.

With our individual pubs comes a diverse range of opportunity where entrepreneurial flair has no bounds. From being known for your gastronomy to being seen as a secluded country retreat, perfect for a relaxing getaway, we’re happy for you to make the place entirely your own.

With the support and expertise offered from our dedicated team, we will help to ensure the best chance of success in every decision you make.

When it comes to running your pub, we understand that flexibility is the key to making sure the right business agreement is in place, to enable you to live out your vision and unlock your full potential.



In May 2016, just 2 years after launching our leased and tenanted estate, we bought eleven, town centre, managed pubs from JD Wetherspoon. This marked our fourth acquisition since June 2014, and provided us with additional scale to extend our business.

We welcomed management and staff to Hawthorn Leisure and have ploughed further investment into the pubs as we develop our high quality estate of pubs across the UK.

Our relentless focus on people, quality and delivering great value has delivered a fantastic proposition for existing and new customers.


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