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Old House at Home

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Ingoing Cost - £ 3000
Rent - £ 10000
Location - 30 Queen Street, Birkenhead, CH41 9AS
Agreement Types - Tenancy,TAW,
Private Rooms - 5
Facilities : Cask AleBeer GardenExternal Drinking AreaCatering KitchenPool AreaLive EntertainmentLive SportsExperienced Operator

Property Features

This is a very traditional pub which sits on a busy main road with lots of vehicular passing traffic and footfall. The pub is a historic feature of the local community, having been traditionally used by dockworkers and more recently as a straightforward community pub.There is little to no competition within walking distance meaning getting the offer right here could mean an extremely profitable business potential. The pub itself is a one-room/one bar pub but with the main bar area feeling like a traditional “taproom” with mostly high seating at the bar and windows to the main road. There is another lounge area to one side with a pool area within it and more lounge-style seating. The toilets and beer garden are accessed from here. To the rear, there is an extremely large beer garden with smoking area, tabled seating and children play equipment making it a very family-friendly pub potentially with the right offer. The condition externally is in relatively good condition with the pub company poised to complete some minor refurbishment with the right tenant. Internally the condition is generally ok but a little dated in areas – the pub company will complete works as necessary as per previous. The toilets require refurbishment and the pub company intend to complete this with the right tenant.

Trading Style

This site currently trades as a predominantly male-oriented wet-led “boozer”. Low price point on some products to encourage session drinking, BT Sports, pool, occasional weekend entertainment. In the summer months, it does attract more families due to the large beer garden. The introduction of a more current product range, category offers, ROW and events calendar, as well as a “bartop” handheld food offer, could help transform this pub into one that appeals to a much broader target audience – with little competition and lots of residential housing around the pub this should be an easy win. This site would ideally suit someone local to be better positioned to understand the local community and forces behind it but besides the ideal candidate will need to have experience of driving a local community pub.

Key Financial Information

Length of Tenure: 3-5 years Agreement type: TAW initially leading to Tenancy Rent: c£10k pa to be agreed with tenant Ingoings: £3k deposit (option of min £1k with buildup) + stock