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Hawthorn Leisure has negotiated the supply of drinks from the major brands available to all of our pubs.

We offer a comprehensive range of draught, craft and cask beers from the UK’s leading brands and complemented by beers from around the world.

Our packaged range provides everything from core staples to some unique tasting craft beers.

We pride ourselves on our wines and spirits range. We offer everything from value priced items to quirky gins, renowned whiskies and a great wine range to suit both the occasional drinker and the connoisseur.


The Company typically shares the machine income with its core tenanted and leased partners. The terms will be agreed with all partners as part of the tenure agreement with us.

We offer a choice of suppliers who are selected by us. Machine income is formally reviewed every month on a site by site basis.

The range of machines available includes the latest machines with digital content as well as traditional style AWPs, SWP’s and pool tables.

7-14 DAYS
Machines are collected on a 7 or 14 day cycle dependent upon income levels.
364 DAYS
On site service is available 364 days per year excluding Christmas day.

All machines are compliant with the prevailing regulations. Machine Gaming Duty is calculated at the point of each collection.


Hawthorn Leisure has engaged the services of leading insurance broker Lucas Fettes to provide comprehensive buildings insurance for its pub estate.
Partners are required to have their own insurances including employer’s liability and public liability policies.


The Company supports all sites on all agreements with promotional ideas; calendars; and printed collateral.

We provide all partners with access to our dedicated Hawthorn online print portal which contains pre designed print collateral to enable partners to promote all major annual events, food and drinks offers and rhythm of the week activity.

Through our strong relationships with brand owners we negotiate promotions and discounts on products throughout the year, from straightforward money off products, to rate of sale deals and free printed materials.


Hawthorn Leisure has reviewed the services of accountants with significant experience of the licensed trade. We have a nominated list of partner accountants who are able to provide a range of services to partners from business plans to payroll, stocktaking to quarterly returns and VAT submissions.

Partners may choose to use their own accountant.

The Company cannot accept applications for any substantive agreement which has not been reviewed and signed off by a suitably qualified accountant.

All accountancy fees are the responsibility of the partner.


This is really important to both of us. Training is a virtuous circle. It takes time and commitment and is often too difficult to think about or organise when there are other more pressing things to do!

Compliance information and Retail Standards are critical to a successful business. Staff development cannot be underestimated either; it fosters loyalty and commitment and creates a springboard for your business to grow.

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